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Cannabis Taxation – A New Revenue Source for Development? (ICTD)

Taxing the Informal Economy is not a Silver Bullet for Financing Development – or the Covid-19 Recovery (ICTD)

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How the Coronavirus threatens North Africa's informal workers (Middle East Eye)

To fight Covid-19, only the formal economy is getting tax breaks. The informal economy may be asked to foot the bill (ICTD)

Why Tunisia’s early presidential election will test its democracy (Washington Post/Monkey Cage)

In North Africa’s borderlands, smuggling has helped keep a fragile peace. Now it’s under threat. (Washington Post/MonkeyCage)

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Stability in North Africa does not require stronger governments, but stronger opposition (SWP)

Transnational Organized Crime and Political Actors in the Maghreb and Sahel (KAS)

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